Texas Kidney Foundation is inviting you to test for kidney disease from home

1 in 3 American adults is at risk
for kidney disease

37 million already have it, but 90% don’t know. Since kidney disease often strikes without any symptoms, early detection through a simple urine test can be a lifesaver.

How It Works
Healthy.io’s Kidney Check service allows you to take a urine test at home using a kit and a smartphone, and receive immediate results.
Kidney Check Test Kit
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Receive a Kidney Check kit
straight to your door

Smartphone Urinalysis including app, cup, and dipstick
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Complete the test using
a smartphone app

Results transmitted to EMR
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Get instant results and
recommendations for next steps

Get Started

To get started, download the Kidney Check app or call Healthy.io’s Customer Service at (844) 688-5055

Kidney Check is a product manufactured and managed by Healthy.io, an independent service provider of Texas Kidney Foundation.

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