Smartphone-powered population health screening

Identify patients most at risk of kidney and cardiovascular disease with at-home testing

Easing the burden of chronic conditions

The missing puzzle piece

Digital clinical-grade testing

Minuteful Kidney is helping to make digital testing the new normal, in line with the new NHS Operational Planning Guidance. ICBs are seeing the impact of increasing adherence in areas where MK has been deployed across.

Digital testing uses the same point of care dipsticks as lab testing and generates equivalent results.  It measures semi quantitative analysis of microalbumin (10 – 150 mg/L), creatinine (10 – 300mg/dL) and albumin to creatinine ratio (mg/g).

Results are expressed as ACR normal (<30mg/g), ACR abnormal (30-300mg/g) or ACR high abnormal (>300mg/g).

The product is CE marked, GDPR compliant, and follows industry standards for privacy and safety.

How it works​

Reach patients who have not tested in the last 12 months by allowing them to test at home when it’s most convenient.​


Test kits can be used directly by untested patients who are identified through a simple search in SystmOne or EMIS​


Patients test at home using our test kit with help from our virtual nurse, Emily, who guides them throughout the entire exam

Get results

Results are analysed and uploaded to SystmOne or EMIS workflows in real time so GPs can access them directly​

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