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Frequently Asked Questions

Downloading the app

Click here for the App Store,

or here for Google Play.

Alternatively, search for “SPOT wound management” on either app store. If you do not see the app in your app store – your device may be unsupported

The app is supported in iOS and Android devices (mobiles and tablets). Visit this link to review the minimal device requirements

Measuring a wound

The wound area is the calculated surface inside the wound boundary.

The wound boundary is projected on a 3D reconstructed model of the wound, to provide the accurate surface area


The scan video will begin to upload as soon as you have finished marking the wound.

The calculation results will appear after 2-3 minutes. You may need to refresh the screen if they are not shown automatically

Yes, after the wound measurements are calculated you can edit them in the Portal.

Login to the Portal with your credentials, search for the relevant patient and visit.

Click the pencil icon next to the measurement you wish to edit and save when done.

The measurements will be re-calculated according to your edit

Yes, in case the wound measurements can not be detected automatically (closed wound, no clear boundaries, circumferential wound etc.) – click “Mark measurements manually” in the Dot marking screen, fill in the measurements manually and continue documenting.

Documenting wound assessments

Hover over the information you wish to edit, click on the pencil icon to edit any of the assessment information (if you do not see a pencil icon – it is most likely that you do not have editing permissions)

No. All information is saved on the app at the point you close or sign out of the app. In case you delete the app from your device, data that was not yet uploaded will be deleted

1-4 hours from your last network activity, depending on your organization’s guidelines

Click the “View report” button from the “More actions” menu, choose the preferred option – With or without markings. This will automatically generate a PDF report

If an assessment hasn’t been uploaded it will only be visible on the documenting clinician’s device.

Once it has been uploaded, any clinician is able to open and view it simultaneously

By default, the portal shows a limited number of images to fit the browser’s page. You can browse back and forth by clicking the arrow buttons on top of the images bar.

To view all images, click the “All Visits” button above the images bar

Stagnating wounds are defined as wounds that do not show 10% area reduction over the course of 3 weeks.

Wounds that were not documented in the past 3 weeks will not be marked as stagnating. The stagnating wounds list is updated once a day

The upload size depends on the length of the scan. On average, the upload size is 10 MB.

Data is stored temporarily on the device until an assessment is uploaded. During this time it is encrypted and therefore not accessible to anyone. Once uploaded, this data is cleared from the device.

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